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Started by Lindsay Giguiere and Friends!

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The world has changed.
Our lives have changed.
Our habits have changed.

Women bear an overwhelming load. The mental health of women at all ages is suffering. The little joys that we once knew have all shifted.

“57 percent of adults were likely to say COVID-19 had negatively affected their mental health.”

(KFF Health Tracking Poll July 2020

How do we adjust? How do we stay strong for our loved ones? By standing together. By lifting each other higher. By becoming a community for the self-care movement. Every single woman and their loved ones deserve accessible and affordable health and wellness. Every single woman deserves to not feel isolated or alone, but instead motivated every day.

We ask everyone out there, to come together.

Let’s support each other on a topic that is so needed.



Watch and share this video with everyone you know that needs encouragement today, and, raise awareness on this topic for everyone to feel supported.

Follow our journey.